International Plant Phenotyping Network

International Plant Phenotyping Network is an association representing the major plant phenotyping centers.

IPPN aims to provide all relevant information about plant phenotyping. The goal is to increase the visibility and impact of plant phenotyping and enable cooperation by fostering communication between stakeholders in academia, industry, government, and the general public. Through workshops and symposia, IPPN seeks to establish different working groups and distribute all relevant information about plant phenotyping in a web-based platform.




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  • 17  Dec  2019

    Webinar: Drone-Based Phenotyping Using Micasense and mapEO

    By combining world class analytics and easy to use drone technology you can scale up your seed and agronomy expertise. 

  • 20  Jan  2020

    Advanced course: Statistical tools for plant phenomic data analysis

  • 23  Jan  2020

    PlantComp 2020: Workshop on plant sensing and computing

  • 29  Jan  2020

    Food for the Future: Accelerating the Protein Transition

  • 03  Feb  2020

    Crop modelling for Agriculture and Food Security under Global Change

  • 05  Feb  2020

    Workshop: Nordic Plant Genetic Resources Enhancement in a changing climate - Public-Private Partnerships in Pre-Breeding

  • 11  Feb  2020

    Digital Breeding - International Symposium of the Society for Plant Breeding

  • 12  Feb  2020

    Training Workshop on Data Management for Wheat Phenotyping Data

  • 23  Feb  2020

    World Bio­di­ver­si­ty Fo­rum

  • 24  Feb  2020

    Phenome 2020

  • 09  Mar  2020

    InterDrought VI - 2020 (IDVI)

    The Sixth International Conference focussed on plant production in water-limited environments InterDrought VI - 2020 (IDVI), will be held March 9-13, 2020 in Mexico City.

  • 17  Mar  2020

    World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit

    The World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit, San Francisco is a great opportunity to showcase your expertise and position your company as the partner of choice in the development and commercialization of new solutions in precision agriculture, resource efficiency, biological crop protection and ag-biotech.

  • 23  Mar  2020

    Plant Biology And Biotechnology 2020

  • 02  Jun  2020

    IV International Symposium on Horticulture in Europe - SHE2020

  • 22  Jun  2020

    Rooting 2020: 9th International Symposium on Root Development

  • 07  Jul  2020

    SEB Annual Meeting 2020

  • 11  Oct  2020

    11th International Symposium on Grapevine Physiology and Biotechnology

  • 20  Oct  2020

    World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit

    The World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit takes place each year in London and San Francisco. It is acclaimed as the most international gathering of agribusiness leaders, VC investors and agri-tech innovators, with incisive debate, fresh insights and high value networking.


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  • 12  Dec  2019

    5th Call for Transnational Access is open! Application deadline: 8th of January 2020

    The EPPN2020 provides researchers from academia and industry with access to 31 phenotyping facilities in Europe. The facilities can be used for experiments with either scientific or technological objectives. EPPN2020 has launched the fifth call for access, open to European groups and (to a limited extent) to groups from emerging countries or international research centers.

  • 26  Nov  2019

    Modelling Portal “Quantitative Plant” Now Online

    The modelling pilot Quantitative Plant is now operational. The online portal offers image analysis software tools, image data sets and plant models. 

  • 25  Nov  2019

    Call for Contributions to Special Issue

    The International Plant Phenotyping Network is inviting contributions for a Plant Phenomics special issue on "Phenotyping for Sustainable Agriculture”. 

  • 22  Oct  2019

    Germany: Recent Developments in Plant Phenotyping

    During a workshop at Botanikertagung in Rostock, Germany on 17 September 2019, most recent developments in plant phenotyping in Germany and Europe were presented.

  • 04  Oct  2019

    New Ambition for European Science: Towards the ESFRI Roadmap 2021

    Launching the call for proposals for the ESFRI Roadmap 2021, Jan Hrušák, Chair of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures, called for a new ambition for European science to go beyond the existing frontiers of knowledge and find sustainable solutions to growing global challenges. 

  • 30  Jul  2019

    France: New Installations

    Recent additions to the plant phenotyping infrastructure PHENOME-EMPHASIS

  • 25  Jul  2019

    Transnational Access Enabling Excellent Science

    EPPN2020 provides access to 31 phenotyping facilities in Europe researchers from academia and industry by the Transnational Access projects.

  • 25  Jul  2019

    UK: PhenomUK, UKRI Infrastructure Roadmap Progress Report and International Research and Innovation Strategy

    The national phenotyping network PhenomUK was formally launched in February 2019 with first projects to start in autumn. In other news, phenotyping is highlighted as a key emerging theme in the UKRI Infrastructure Roadmap Progress Report, and the UK reaffirms its commitment to a strong research partnership with Europe in its International Research and Innovation Strategy.

  • 24  Jul  2019

    PhenomUK: First Projects to Start in Autumn

    PhenomUK builds on advances in fundamental engineering and physical sciences, bringing the necessary disciplines into closer contact and promoting an integrated, holistic view of the phenotyping process across the UK.

  • 17  Jul  2019

    Virtual Reality in the Field – the vPheno Project

    The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) is coordinating an industrial innovation project in plant breeding that seeks to combine high throughput field phenotyping with genomic selection and virtual reality in collaboration with the plant breeding company Graminor, the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) in Mexico  as well as Boston University in the USA.

  • 16  Jul  2019

    Cyprus: Climate Change Initiative for the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East Region

    On 22 May 2019, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Cyprus approved the action plan submitted by the Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment, regarding the initiative by the President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades to address Climate Change on a regional level.

  • 15  Jul  2019

    Serbia: Researchers Gain Transnational Access via EPPN2020

    Several Serbian institutes actively engage in the EPPN2020 for transnational access. 

  • 02  May  2019

    4th Call for Transnational Access to the European Plant Phenotyping Network 2020

    Application deadline: 8th of July 2019

  • 27  Jan  2019

    MIAPPE version 1.1

     New version of MIAPPE published

  • 08  Oct  2018

    3rd Call for Transnational Access to the European Plant Phenotyping Network 2020

    Application deadline: 28th of January 2019

  • 04  Sep  2018

    5th IPPS Program in Adelaide, Australia 2018 (2.-5.18)

  • 06  Jul  2018

    Special Issue "Computer Vision and Smart Agriculture"

    Deadline for manuscript submission: 23 November 2018

  • 27  Jun  2018

    Call for Papers – Special Issue "Fluorescence Techniques: Understanding Crop Performance"

    Deadline: Summer 2019

  • 14  Apr  2018

    IPPN extends the membership base by including industry members


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